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Yeah, okay, sometimes the Theme Of The Day doesn’t come together quite as strongly as I’d like. Mea culpa.

  • New York Comic Con will be here in just a few weeks, and while the panels & screenings schedule is a little behind anticipated release, we do have at least a few hints of what’s coming down the ‘pike. For instance, the always-entertaining combo deal of Brad Guigar and Scott Kurtz will be doing an intensive, workshop-type session on Sunday morning. The description at Webcomics Dot Com is behind the subscription wall, but El Guigaro Magnifico has the gist of it at his own site:

    [A] one-on-one bootcamp for aspiring webcartoonists. Brad and Scott will present a lecture on the art and commerce of webcomics and then take their class through a collegiate-level critique of their work.

    This is a limited-attendance seminar. Students will be asked to bring examples of their work for critique, and be prepared to take and offer constructive criticism in the hopes of bettering each other’s work.

    So, interesting — not a portfolio review, and not seeking to attract attendees so much as participants. Given Guigar’s previously-stated dislike of sessions where the audience involves itself to the detriment of the speakers, the limited enrollment makes sense. If you attend, expect a small room, a large table, no podium, to work with your peers to improve everybody’s work, and for the ending time to be highly flexible. And as seems to be usual these days, Guigar has negotiated a discount on the enrollment fee, with WDC members getting in for $30 rather than the standard $50. Exact time and location to be announced.

  • New book alert! Gordon McAlpin (my sporting bet nemesis — and by coincidence that link leads to a post with a picture of a looming Brad Guigar … much like Chickenman, he’s everywhere) has announced that his first collection of Multiplex strips, Enjoy Your Show, is now available for your purchase consideration.

    Unfortunately, ushers will not be walking through the aisles to offer EYS prior to the start of the movie (Will Rogers has that distribution channel locked up, and dead or not, he ain’t giving it up without a fight), so you’ll have to make a quick trip over to his internet-facing booksellery.

  • Within yesterday’s DC Comics wholesale restructuring announcement(s) was the somewhat unusual news that Zudacomics is to be closed. Or perhaps more closed than it already was? I know that I wasn’t exactly a fan of the entire Zudaproject, but even I never proposed killing it twice. During the prior … I dunno, pre-closing? anouncement, I wrote:

    It’s no secret that I thought that the competition model of Zuda wasn’t the best thing that [web]comics could develop, but everybody I’ve met associated with Zuda has been an absolutely stellar, professional, admirable person. Here’s hoping that in the condensation of the the imprint into regular ol’ DC, the individuals find their way to stable, rewarding work quickly.

    When news of wholesale bloodletting didn’t come through, I breathed a sigh of relief for the Zudafolk. But now that it appears 20% of DC staff may be cut, I would guess that those working at a twice-killed imprint are nervous, and my good wishes go out to them doubly.

  • Smut Peddler, comics porn by ladies, is lookin’ for contributors. Details here, a nice long submission deadline (31 December 2011), and plenty of people whose work I like means I have to start thinking up justifications for a future purchase that my wife will accept. Just one thing, though:

    And finally, there’s a difference between “porn” and “naked people telling jokes.” We want porn. Filthy porn.

    As the creators of Oglaf [NSFW, yo] will tell you:

    This comic started out as an attempt to make pornography. It degenerated into sex comedy pretty much immediately.

    Ain’t nothin’ wrong with sex comedy. And please, please, do what ever you have to in order to get the Oglafistas in on Smut Peddler. That would rule so hard. Err, so to speak.

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