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Apparently, It’s Bad-Ass Kitten Day

As opposed to bad ass-kittens, I suppose. Witness the dreams of a frustrated second-generation puddingcat at from Randy Milholland, and the hellish scape of Kittenpocalypse Now courtesy of Jon Rosenberg. Should you meet either of these gentlemen, we at Fleen advise you to back away slowly, avoiding sudden movements and eye contact, perhaps leaving large bottles of industrial-strength booze as an offering.

  • Mike Russell over at CulturePulp has been known to livetweet performances of the Portland Opera, but he’s likely to drop something even more intriguing in the coming days. Last night, a group of perhaps 15 or 20 Portland cartooners and comickers dropped by the opera for a performance of Pagliacci and sketched the whole time (union rules preventing pictures of the cast, but drawings allowed). You can follow the evening at Russell’s twitter, or search for the hashtag #pdxoperacomics, and watch CulturePulp for a cartoon rendering of the story of the sad clown (in-progress sketches from Russell and others at Twitpic).
  • When Phil “Frumph” Hofer (prime instigator of ComicPress, which he is trying to step back from, although they keep pulling him back in) decides to drop ComicPress-related news, webcomics as a whole ought to listen. So when he says that he won’t be part of ComicPress 3.0, I’d tend to believe him; but (and this is a big but) he will be part of something new.

    Enter Comic Easel. I’ll leave those of you running webcomics sites to read the details yourself, but the short version is, instead of a theme for WordPress (as ComicPress is), Comic Easel is a plug-in that will work with any theme (but can work with the ComicPress CSS, so don’t go thinking your efforts to date were wasted). Release date (subject to full documentation and FAQs) is presently scheduled for 18 December, with news to come at the (presently under construction) home site. Watch this one closely, I’d say.

  • Laugh of the Day: A webcomicker (whom I will not name — there was dire legal boilerplate about not disseminating information involved) forwarded me a recent (like, two days ago) email offering to distribute books on their behalf. From WOWIO [no link]. Yes, that WOWIO [still no link].

    I guess since we’re now coming up on a full year since WOWIO [you guessed it — no link] made payments owed for Q2 of 2008, the people in charge figured that webcomicdom as a whole forgot the entire you didn’t pay us for more than 14 months thing. Still, new management (cough, Platinum, cough) and all that — maybe they deserve the benefit of the doubt, have turned over a new leaf, and are entirely different than the company that couldn’t pay what it owed.¹

  • Hey, looka there — new TopatoCo store for your old pal Paul Southworth and (less of a pal really, more of a guy you met once in a bar) Bill Barnes for their nerdoffice strip Not Invented Here.

¹ But those of us of a low and suspicious nature will harbor doubts.

I think you’ve got something sideways on your Wowio piece. Platinum is not the new management, unless there’s been some extra switch I’ve not heard about. Platinum bought Wowio in ’08 and then let it go in ’09. It was after taking it over in ’09 that the folks currently (I presume) running it paid off the debt that had lingered during the Platinum period.

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