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Looong Day

Already really late, so let’s hop straight to the Lightning Round!

  • TopatoCo have already filled one of their positions (announced last Thursday/Friday depending on where in the world you are), but you can still be their intern, especially if you are:

    [R]esponsible, reliable, generally self-reliant, and able to take direction even if you know deep down that what you are doing is wrong.

  • The greatest thing ever painted by Jeff Zugale (as of today; tomorrow, the sumbitch will probably blow the doors off this magnificence before lunch) has progressed to the published fanfic stage (not sure where that falls on the hierarchy) for the beneift of Lupus research. Yay!
  • Meme in the making? The System impressario Rosscott launched the hashtag on Twitter, and now “Future World Problems” has escalated to illustrated form.
  • Definitely meme — draw yourself (or favorite creator) as a three-stage Pok&eacut;mon progression: The Portrait-Dex.
  • From the Department of Redundancy Department: I’ve been following DJ Coffman’s e-book off an on for the past three weeks or so since it launched. Still haven’t read it (I’m not a cartoonist trying to make ca$h), and have been curious to see which cartoonists were using it. There’s testimonials and blurbs provided on Coffman’s site, and I’ve followed links to get familiar with some strips that I previously didn’t know. In that list: one “Mark D Ashworth”, who waxed rhapsodic about the benefits Coffman provided to his own efforts, and signed with his (Ashworth’s) site,

    Which consists solely of a redirect back to Coffman’s site.

    I like to give everybody the benefit of the doubt — and this could be just a busted link — but given the fairly rapturous praise given to Coffman’s book immediately on launch by people who didn’t seem to actually create comics, gotta say that Ashworth isn’t helping DJ dispel whatever perception existed that the testimonials were empty.

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