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Ia, Fthagn Wednesday

The Elder Gods seem to be the theme of the day. Consider:

  • Michael Moss wrote:

    We just finished a short animation with one of our characters, the great and terrible Cthulhu, from our webcomic Gods Playing Poker! Enjoy.

    Okay, the great and terrible Cthulhu is no Isaiah Mustafa, but the addition of tentacles probably means that Hurricane Erika only likes him that much more.

  • Meanwhile, over at Questionable Content/, Friends of Lulu Awards Best Female Character nominee Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham (and a new record for excessive capitalization in one sentence, woo!) is channeling truths man is not meant to know. Or at least, thoughts that man really doesn’t want to hear.
  • No elder gods, but in case you hadn’t seen it, the Best Guest Comic of the Month is by Rebecca Clements; she absolutely nailed Kate Beaton’s visual, linguistic, and topical styles at today’s Hark, A Vagrant. Come to think of it, that cat’s tail in the header does look a little tentacle-y. Hmmm.
  • Absolutely no tentacles even, but the redoubtable (don’t ever try to doubt her, much less redoubt) Jess Fink has some absolutely stunning artwork for a new show for display on her Ell-Jay. Before I give you the link, please note that the title of said show (organized by Jason Fish) is Monsterbation; if everything that just jumped into your head is cool for connecting via whatever computer you’re sitting at, make with the clicky.

[Editor’s note: Okay, crap, this was supposed to post yesterday, and today client interactions are kicking my ass up & down one of the outer boroughs, so … everybody check out today’s Extinct Mammals guest comic by our buddy Lore Sjöberg and we’ll call Thursday a wash. Come back tomorrow for a review of Kazu Kibuishi‘s Amulet Book Three: The Cloud Seekers.]

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