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Is It SMBC Day Already?

Zach Weiner (or is it “Weinersmith” yet?) dropped his 2000th update of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal with a discussion of pure Plotonium. But then I saw his SMBC Theater cohort JP Nickel (I think he’s particularly funny matched up against James Ashby in this short) dropping an intriguing piece of news:

@smbctheater will have its own panel at NYC ComicCon in October! @ZachWeiner @jsandlinashby @FuSchmu The Mrs. & I will be speaking!

NYCC’s programming & panel schedule isn’t set to go live until tomorrow (curses!), but when it does, you should find the time & location of the SMBCfest here. Don’t let the fact that nearly every character in the SMBC Theater shorts is a horrible, horrible person — I’ve met a bunch of them and they’re only one level of horrible at most.

  • Speaking of NYCC, the exhibitor list is pretty complete, and webcomics are pretty well represented, from ACT-I-VATE to Webcomics Dot Com.
  • The Friends of Lulu awards make a return this year (to be given out at the Long Beach Comic Con Halloween weekend), and public voting is now open. I thought I’d mention it because the Lulu awards do something that you don’t usually see: rather than throw webcomics into a single catch-all category (which can find creations wildly different in scope, subject, and tone treated as comparable), they’re distributed throughout the list. Thus, you have webcomics contending for recognitions as wide as Best Female Character, Lulu of the Year, and the Kim Yale Award for Most Talented Newcomer.
  • Welcome back to Randy Milholland who had a nasty sore throat that made his drawing elbow lock up. No, really. It’s so improbable and unlikely, it could only happen to a webcomicker; at least we may get some good Life With Rippy strips out of it.
  • Finally, we at Fleen have been known to refer to certain members of our community by nicknames; one perennial usage has exploited the fact that Dresden Codak‘s creator shares a name with a Mexican singer/actor, thus making Aaron Diaz webcomics’ own Latin Heartthrob. Today, however, he is re-christened as ALP creator Bernie Hou made the logical leap and observed that Diaz is actually our Latin Art-throb. >slow clap< Well done, sir. Well done.
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