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Can You Believe Staples Doesn’t Sell These?

I’m not actually in anything approaching the mood of my man Roast Beef up there; I just want that sign for my desk.

  • I received something really cool in the mail yesterday — Dustin Harbin had been kind enough to offer a review copy of his Diary Comics Volume 1 (making its debut this weekend at SPX) and I was more than happy to accept his kind offer. But imagine my surprise when I found that the package also contained a copy of Three Word Phrase mini by Ryan Pequin (also making its debut at SPX). That’s a whole 100% more review copies that I was expecting!

    I’m still working through DCV1 (it contains comics for every day from 1 January to 30 June 2010, in many cases getting down to the hourly scale of time), but I can tell you this much — as Pekarian as his daily diary comic is online, it approaches something like poetry when you’ve got between a day and a week staring up from a two-page spread. Time moves quicker and slower depending on how much Harbin wants to get into, and all you can do is follow the tempo changes, nodding your head as he improvises the rhythm.

    On the off chance you don’t find that worth the price of admission (a paltry six dollars for six months of the man’s life!), then consider that he drew a couple zillion Dharbin heads for the inside front cover, and pigment choices, there’s a feeling of looking at a 3-D image without the green and red glasses; your brain is sure that there are dimensions that you can’t quite perceive and it wants to dig in further.

    Ryan Pequin’s mini contains roughly half of the comics that he’s posted online, and needs only two words to convince you it is the best thing ever: President Bird.

  • In other news, David Willis celebrates thirteen years of webcomics (across four related, exclamatory titles) by launching a fifth. The worst-kept secret of the past month, Dumbing of Age, is a relaunch/reinterpretation/reboot of Roomies! (which started the whole shebang lo those many years ago). Think of it as having the same relationship to the Walkyverse as the new Star Trek has to the previous iterations of the United Federation of Planets.
  • Confidential to everybody going to SPX/Intervention this weekend: You lucky bastards.
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