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Best. Day. Ever.

My dog had a pretty serious health scare for the past ten days, but it’s resolved now in the best of all possible outcomes; I know that I’ve been a bit distracted and not doing very well here for the past ten days as a result, but it’ll be better from here on out. Thanks for your patience.

  • Every week, there’s a bunch of stories on [web]comics creators — some are very good, some are merely adequate, but they fall into a predictable rhythm and you can pretty much tell where they’re going after the first paragraph or two. So let me point you to one that doesn’t follow the standard script, as the Burlington Free Press talks about James Kochalka‘s latest effort, Dragon Puncher but spends more time on Kochalka’s family and their involvement in the creative process than on the book itself. It’s a pretty nice reminder that art doesn’t come out of nothing — it’s influenced by those around the creators and their lives on a continual basis. Anyway, I liked it.
  • Speaking of the creative process, Jess Fink seems to have hers … borrowed without attribution … quite a bit. So it’s with mixed emotion that I point you to her newest shirt design; on the one hand it’s absolutely gorgeous, and on the other the more people see it the greater chance one of them will be the — I dunno, eighty-third person this year? — to steal it and run to Zazzle in an attempt to cash in on Fink’s talent. Then again, this one features glow in the dark inks, and I don’t think that’s in the manufacturing repertoire of print-on-demand places yet. In any event, time to having to beat down on an art thief starts … NOW!
  • To be first seen at SPX, those of you that are going: Johnny Wander‘s first book, new Everything Dies and Bringing It All Back Home by Box Brown, minis from KC Green and Meredith Gran and more! All of you guys have fun without me, ‘kay?
  • It’s most of an hour long, but this series of videos on Youtube is worth a watch: it’s a thesis defense on the topic of webcomics, continuing the ongoing march of our little microgenre into the realm of academic respectability. Hopefully, this thesis found more respectable sources to cite than the last academic that looked at us and wound up talking about a hack pseudojournalist.
  • Finally, I believe that there’s a birthday girl out there in webcomickia today. If you’re going to SPX, I believe that you’re obligated to offer Kate Beaton a celebratory (if belated) birthday drink from the bar. With a little cooperation, you can make this her bestest birthday ever.
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