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Long Weekend, Here I Come

Ready? Go!

  • Radness Queen of the Greater Bay Area Shaenon Garrity will be part of a massive sketch-a-thon at the Schulz Museum next Saturday, 11 Sept, in honor of 60 years of Peanuts. Head up to Northern California to join in on the fun; if you can’t make it, at least enjoy her new interview over at Dimes For Nickels, where she talks about her work with William George, creator of (among other things) the greatly missed Bang Barstal.
  • Whoa, it’s Dragon*Con again, and I know that there are webcomickers there, but the page they’re most likely to be listed on is kind of … no easily searchable. What I do know is that despite not being listed, Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson are in the Artist Alley in the Hyatt.

    Also, if you’re interested in perversity of the highest order without interference by authority figures, Jennie Breeden got herself a room after the police took an interest in last year’s public kilt+leafblower spectacle. Hanover ballrooms C-E [PDF] at the very early hour of 1:00am Saturday and Sunday (or a somewhat late hour Friday and Saturday, if you prefer).

  • There were some interesting … I’ll call them hatetweets … sent to Andy Bell over the course of the last wave of Android releases. For those that haven’t been able to purchase them, good news: two of the Series 01 designs (basic green and blank) are leaving behind the limited edition world for the exciting future of we’ll make as many as you people want to buy, stop with the death threats already. On top of that, a brand-new Series 02 will be joining them in wholesale quantities, starting from Q1 next year.

    While I will relish not having to obsessively hit F5 on my browser during the purchase windows beset with rapacious competitors, I am equally dismayed that there will now be an entire additional series of designs that I will be compelled to purchase in blind boxes. It’s a sickness, and Andy Bell is the one that gave it to me. Drat him and his incredible talents!

Well, that explains why I was able to snag a standard and a blank a couple weeks back without any trouble.

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