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Long Week Almost Done

It appears that typically, Scenes From A Multiverse’s weekly voting pulls in about 30003100 ballots, but this week’s (as of this writing) is nearly 1000 votes below that usual response point. Is everybody too busy heading to Baltimore Comic-Con or FanExpo Canada? Or would a certain presence on the ballot (as of this writing, leading by a mere 25 votes) actually be depressing the turnout? Much as I’m flattered by the attention, I’m horrified to think what Rosenberg might think up to do to “me” if “I” wind up this week’s “winner”.

  • From internet über-meme to adorable plush: the LOL WUT pear (more properly, the Biting Pear of Salamanca, as dreamt up by Digger creator Ursula Vernon) is now squishy, adorable, and up for pre-order. Delight your friends and possibly horrify small children!
  • Ever since the whiteboard resignation letter hoax (discussed here), I’ve been thinking about what constitutes comics and what doesn’t. Obviously, there’s got to be words and pictures, but sometimes the balance really tips one way or the other. Is there a magic point where there’s too few words or too few pictures to count? Or is it just a matter of Without even these few {words|pictures}, the meaning of this would be irreparably changed?

    In particular, I’ve been thinking about Hyperbole And A Half, which you might call a blog with spot illustrations, or might call comics. I’m leaning towards the latter, since the pictures are definitely structured to tell the story. I don’t know a dang thing about creator Allie Brosh except for what I read here, but dang if I don’t want to read more.

Voters are at 2700 now with about 2 full days of voting to go; I think we’ll hit 3000 pretty easily by Sunday.

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