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Late Summer Doldrums

I’m starting to see why great swathes of people go on holiday for the entire month of August — nothing is happening. And by “happening”, of course I mean something mind-blowingly crazy-go-nuts in the world of webcomics, where everybody just seems to have their heads down gettin’ their work done. For a hack pseudo-journalist, it’s depressingly sane … even the Great Keenspot Reorg went by without a peep. Let’s see if the mailbag has anything cool.

  • Cool Thing #1: Katie Sekelsky (last mentioned in the context of the Union of Concerned Scientists cartooning contest, where voting is still live) has unveiled a clever piece of merch; designed for con-going lady creators of things and ironic dudes, the I Am My Own Booth Babe t-shirt is now available for your babydoll shirt-wearing needs.
  • Cool Thing #2: Curious about how to price originals? So was Jason Dobbins (who, in the interests of full disclosure, has sworn undying loyalty to my facial hair) of Tales of the Eighth Grade Nothing, so he let the market decide. This auction was too brief to follow (hitting the Buy It Now price well before it was scheduled to end), leading to a valuable lesson: Don’t undervalue your work with a too-modest strike price. No guarantee that this would have gone higher than the BIN price, but no guarantee that it wouldn’t have either.
  • Cool Thing #3: Two years, two hundred comics, really awesome, cartoony style: Bear Nuts is right at the magic point where you can jump on and get a full, satisfying story without spending all week catching up. And to think that it all started with humping, humping hippos.
  • Cool Things #4 and 5: New interview with :01 Books supremo Mark Siegel on Sailor Twain, conducted by John Walsh at the site of his historical webcomic, Go Home Paddy, with which I was not previously familiar and which is quite good. Bonus!

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