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Nice And Quiet Today

Best thing I’ve seen today? Creators taking a whack at each others work. Case in point — John Allison provided the pencils to this Bad Machinëry strip to Latin Heartthrob Aaron Diaz. End result — a painterly rendition of panel one.

Even better, Mr A has provided the pencils to that strip for all and sundry, so have your own go at inking Lottie and Shauna; I have it on good authority that other creators are passing pencils back and forth, so with any luck we’ll see more of these little treats in the coming days. If nothing else, this is the sort of exercise that stretches creative muscles, making all involved better artists.

Actually, the best thing I’ve seen all day is a set of dispatches from Afghanistan that drivers refused to take Steven Cloud, Matt Bors, and Ted Rall through bad country overland, which forced them to take a flight over the zone they were most likely to get murdered in. They’ve safely left Kabul and will be examining the region around [redacted] up as far as the [redacted] border, and maybe take in a movie.

Photos and a few cartoons by Cloudy at his Flickr page, and how astonishing is it that I’ve had back-and-forth email exchanges with him in the middle of a contested, severely under-infrastructured nation? With any luck, they’ll be crossing into Iran in about two weeks, a bit thinner, hairier, and riper than when they left, but not any worse than that.

Update for breaking news: Of course, I title a post about how quiet it is half an hour before NEWW news drops. Third tranche of guests, and tickets go on sale Thursday.

Holey Moley,

Ted went BACK TO THE ‘STAN? After his last trip I thought he said he was done, mainly because of the door to door journalist murderers. Wonder of he will be back for SPX?

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