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Excuse Me, I Have Something In My Eye

Following up on yesterday’s latest webcomics iApp issue, it appears that Mr or Ms Reilly Watson’s webcomics reader is still up, and still using the service- and trademarks of other people to advertise itself. To answer Greg Carter’s comment, I didn’t make the copyright argument because I don’t know for certain that the app is in fact a scraper; if it’s an RSS aggregator, it’s not violating copyright as long as it’s just pointing users towards the sites of webcomickers.

But whether or not it’s scraper, copyright is an area where holders have discretion to enforce or not; no such leeway exists with trademarks, which must be enforced (I believe that the legal term is vigorously defended) or they can be lost. Anybody who feels that they need to enforce either copyright or trademark can make their case to the developer (who doesn’t provide a contact address that I could find, other than Google), or directly to Apple (thanks to Rich McDonald for that email address).

  • Oh man — Karl Kerschl was serious in his warning:

    The new episode of The Abominable Charles Christopher is online. Avoid if you’re fond of bear cubs.

    Karl, why you even got to do a thing? If you’ve ever felt the slightest twinge while reading about Vivol and Moon Bear, then set firmly your resolve and have the tissues ready — it’s a heartbreaker.

  • New discovery: All New Issues, by Bill Ellis and Dani O’Brien. I was introduced to them some time back (over some excellent drinks) as friends of Danielle Corsetto, but they hadn’t started the comic then. Fewer than 30 strips, very clean style, very enjoyable.
  • Seems like I have to mention this once every six months or so. If you want me to read your press release, your chances go way down if you send through a three-sentence email that just says Check out this 7200KB PDF attachment. Ain’t happening.

I was informed by a reader that my comics in the list. If my strips are appearing in this app, it’s not going off RSS feeds. My feed doesn’t have images – just links.

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