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Wow, That’s Early

For those of you wondering, MoCCA Art Fest 2011 (9 and 10 April, at the 69th Regiment Armory in Manhattan) tables are almost available [PDF]. There were a couple years there where applications were only accepted by mail and by hand, and local cartoonists pretty much shut out everybody else, but the note here says:

Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis beginning August 10th by fax (212-254-3590), mail (594 Broadway, ste. 401, New York, NY 10012), email (, and in person.

… which ought to equalize things nicely. It was pretty well-run this year compared to last (with a rookie crew of show-runners and unseasonable heat turning 2009 into a sweaty mess), but since I don’t exhibit you’ll have to decide for yourselves if the table costs (below the cut) are worth it.

  • Speaking of time-sensitive opportunities, we’re just four days away from Jenny Everywhere Day 2010. In case you’ve forgotten (it has been nearly a year since we mentioned her), Ms Everywhere is:

    [A]n open source character created in 2001 by Steven Wintle and the members of the Barbalith forums. She’s free to use by anyone in any capacity they see fit.

    Jenny exists in all realities at the same time and her powers stem from an ability to “Shift” herself and others from one reality to another. Her exact powers/limitations within any given story are up to the people working on it.

    The two things that make her “Jenny Everywhere” are her goggles and her scarf. Every other aspect to her design (including race, body type, hair color, eye color, number of limbs, etc.) are completely up for grabs and fall under the discretion of the creator.

    Create your own interpretation of Jenny Everywhere, and submit on or before the 13th to be part of the fun.

  • News in the webcomics-publishing sphere: Chris and Kyle Bolton of SMASH have signed a deal to have Season One of their webcomic published by Candlewick Press (who appear to be new to the comics game, but have quite a catalog of kids and YA books).

    SMASH has a loose-limbed, gleefully frenetic style to the art (not unlike Skottie Young’s work on the OZ adaptations at Marvel) and a breakneck pace to the story, as befits a 10 year old that suddenly finds himself all supered-up. Best of all, with publication (date TBA) all arranged, the Boltons have time to get SMASH season two underway, with serialization starting next month.

  • Finally, is there no limit to the depths to which he will sink? Two geekly pursuits stretched and squashed into a four-word pun that strains language to the breaking point? Brad Guigar is a bad man. A very bad man.

Now through December 31st exhibitor table prices for MoCCA ’11 are:

  • MoCCA Member Full Table: $360
  • General Full Table: $399
  • MoCCA Member 1/2 Table: $210
  • General 1/2 Table: $250
  • Student Full Table: $295
  • Student 1/2 Table: $177 (students must submit valid student ID with application)

NB: membership is $35, $25 for students.

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