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Why Did I Break My Own Rule?

Several interesting things in the past day or so.

  • Firstly, happy stripperversary (that’s an anniversary for a strip, not an anniversary with strippers) to Jeph Jacques, seeing as how Questionable Content hit seven years yesterday. I’m sure that there’s nothing Jacques would rather have you do than look back to strip one and then comment on the art.¹
  • Okay, so Jezebel has a bit of a viewpoint in its reporting of American Apparel‘s uh, colorful CEO, Dov Charney (cf: such Jezebel search tags as americanappalling). They still did some pretty solid-looking business-type reportage in their story on how AA may be facing bankruptcy, which leaves a number of t-shirt mongers with business decisions to make:

    Stock up on AA shirts against a possible interruption or discontinuation? Look for alternate vendors? Discontinue AA orders immediately and/or renegotiate billing terms, on account of bankruptcy means you might not get shirts you paid for? I won’t pretend to know what course of action might be best for anybody, but it’s absolutely time to decide what questions need asking.

  • Contest! Beard and moustache cartooning contest! Hosted by Phil McAndrew of Feral Pizza!
  • Darryl Cunningham has been mentioned on this page previously, in conjunction with his webcomics in support of rationality (specifically, as regards the false beliefs vaccines cause autism and homeopathy works better than placebos); we’re glad to again mention his comics work (courtesy of a link by Scott McCloud, who found it courtesy of link from The Spurge; we’re all a bit late to the comic itself, which dropped on the eve of SDCC), this time on the topic of yes, we did land on the moon, dammit.

    Just please, don’t make the mistake I did and read the comments; they start off nice and normal, then go off the rails into CrazyTowne — and not the good CrazyTowne, full of fun times and wooo, the bad CrazyTowne where you back away from everybody you meet slowly, without making eye contact.

¹ Actually, there’s probably about 6000 things he’d rather have you do, including four or five that involve urethra weasels.

I was fortunate to have a really good sales month of July, which wiped out almost all of my shirt stock. And because I like the cut and feel better, I had already started to phase out AA shirts. They just felt too flimsy to me.

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