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Back To The Grind

So the tradition of webcomics-attended convention attracting the attention of emergency services continued, with Otakon seeing the Baltimore Convention Center evacuated due to a reported kitchen fire. Alarms were struck about 2:00pm local time, with people re-entering about 40 minutes later.

Just to make things perfectly clear in case you’re ever in one of these situations: “evacuated” does not mean “out of the building and onto the sidewalk”. It means “far enough clear of the building that everybody behind you can also get out.” If there’s nobody behind you, keep walking anyway — the collapse zone on a building is larger than the building’s height.

In other, non-crisis news:

  • I got a really interesting email from a gentleman named Derek Sivers over the weekend; he was previously the owner of CD Baby (from whom I have made purchases) and presently has a couple of ventures. One I would commend to your attention: MuckWork, taglined assistants to do your uncreative dirty work, so you can do what only you can do. It’s designed specifically for musicians near as I can tell, but it’s verging on territory that your pro-grade webcomicker might find useful, for when the running-the-bidness side of things is taking away from the creative side. While you’re checking out MuckWork, you might also find a fascinating read in the form of how Sivers decided to sell and how he essentially gave the multimillion dollar proceeds to charity.
  • Ten years of mad science? Saturday marked the anniversary of Narbonic. Congrats to Shaenon Garrity, who also wrapped up pre-orders on Skin Horse book 2 on Saturday with precisely twice the necessary amount. Ms Garrity, you remain Radness Queen of the Greater Bay Area.
  • Did anybody else see this? Pearls Before Swine proved that online can provide a needed complement to print strips. The 2 August update depended on a gag that was impossibly small to read in my newspaper (yes, I actually still get one), but the Comics Dot Com site offers a zoom feature (although it’s not obvious at first — you have to hover over the image and have Javascript active) that actually made the gag visible.

    Now I may subscribe to a newspaper, but I’m easily 20 years younger than their core demographic and my eyes ain’t that bad yet — I can’t imagine anybody was able to appreciate this joke that doesn’t read the comic online. For all intents and purposes, Stephan Pastis may as well have just submitted a strip to papers that said Go to this URL or don’t bother. [editor’s note: in case that strip goes away or gets locked behind a paywall, here’s a copy]

  • Ben Franklin knows: Chucks are universally comfortable.

It’s called a magnifying glass, Tyrrell!

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