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A Little Kate Beaton

For reals, there is almost nothing guaranteed to make me smile as much as Kate Beaton’s take on Wonder Woman. And with it comes the news that she’ll be contributing to Marvel’s Strange Tales II anthology. Let’s see what else is coming up, shall we?

  • Otakon is coming up, oh, tomorrowish, and lots of webcomics folk will be involved. On the Official Guest List we find Clarine Harp, anime voice actress & producer, and the real life counterpart to Something*Positive’s Aubrey. In San Diego, I met the real life version of Jason (also in that strip), found him charming, affable and pretty much like strip Jason, so draw your own conclusions. Randy Milholland tells me that his readers sometimes approach Ms Harp very politely, utter some kind words, and back away without making eye contact, possibly in fear of their lives. I want to see that happen in person some day.
  • J Baird of the Create a Comic Project also sends along a list of webcomics-related programming events at Otakon, including two he’s running on manga-making and the use of comics in literacy. Full details after the cut. Lots of webomickers in the Artists Alley, as well (and even some that will be squatting boothspace with others); tell ’em I said hi.
  • Here’s a name that long-time readers may recall: Øyvind Thorsby; creator of the nearly 600-installment Hitmen for Destiny, which upended the notion that art is necessary to a webcomic with its weird, compelling story. Thorsby is back with a new webcomic — onewhich features neither three-and-a-half dimensional fight scenes (click forward for about a dozen strips) nor throat-inflation fetishism (at least, not that we get to see) — called Lies, Sisters, and Wives. It’s a complete story in 34 strips, and it reminds me of nothing so much as a French bedroom farce — think Feydeau’s A Flea In Her Ear with enormous heads.

Courtesy of J Baird, webcomics-related events at Otakon include:

Iron Artist
Friday, 8-9 PM, Panel 2
One of the people running it is Jessi Bavolack, creator of Geeks Next Door and contributor to the CCP; one of the competitors, Del Borovic, is also associated with the CCP. Baird is also competing as one of the non-artist contestants “to make everyone else’s art look better in comparison.”

Happy Hyper Hentai Drawing Party
Friday, 10:30 PM-12:30 AM, Workshop 2
Specific leaders of this include Filthy Figments‘ Gina Biggs, Jennie Breeden, and Kittyhawk, plus Erin Ptah and Kuroitenshi.

Make a Manga Tournament!
Saturday, 7-10 PM, Workshop 1
Kittyhawk, Erin Ptah, and Kuroitenshi will be helping out Baird.

Manga, Literacy, and Children
Sunday, 12-1 PM, Panel 1

Word from the con floor is that they’ve asked Super Art Fight’s very own Nick Borkowicz to fight in the Iron Artist competition. Should be a good show!

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