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I Wonder How The Networking In The Press Room Is

Okay, gang — with onsite WiFi still indeterminate, cell tethering that needs additional work, a hotel that doesn’t feature free network connections, and 6000 people in the Scott Pilgrim line between me and the press office, my webcomics reading this week is going to be severely backlogged. With luck, postings will go up when I want them to, and at worst you’ll have to wait a bit for photos. I’m confident that you will deal.

  • So Spike found herself talking with one Mr Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame) on preview night — he’s doing a film on Comic-Con and doing lots of interviews this week. Although she’s under an NDA, she was able to tell me that she spent about 15 minutes talking to Spurlock and 15 more getting pictures taken. She probably won’t know until the movie comes out if any of her footage made it in.

    She also (probably wisely) declined my offer of a dollar to reenact the “Black Rage” speech from Chasing Amy for the cameras. Asked to sum up the experience, she offered, “I had a good feeling [about the interview]; it didn’t feel like a, ‘Holy shit, look at the freaks movie’.”

  • Details forthcoming when the formal press release hits, but Phil Foglio informs us of big happenings with Girl Genius. In addition to a series of digest-size reprints (each comprising three regular volumes, in a smaller trim size and keeping the full color), there will be a novelization series and an audiobook series. Much is still up in the air — like who will read/act out the adventures of Agatha Heterodyne — but all in all, these moves promise to spread Girl Genius into new audiences in a reasonably ambitious manner.
  • Finally, in a bold move to expand the TopatoCo empire, Jeffrey Rowland crossed no-man’s land and staked out an extraterritorial claim on the unoccupied SMBC / Cyanide & Happiness booth. Reportedly, SMBC honcho Zach Weiner had difficulty obtaining his exhibitor badge (which perhaps would have allowed him access to the exhibit hall in time to challege the TopaptoCan claim) and the C&H guys were nowhere to be found (possibly due to nefarious reasons).

    Having negotiated his way onto foreign booth-soil by means of both persuasion and compulsion, Rowland obtained for himself treaty rights to the underoccupied booth and planted his flag. When Weiner raised protests regarding his treatment, Rowland was heard to exclaim, “Payback! It’s reparations!” Weiner was then herded onto a reservation and provided with smallpox-infected blankets.

Coming later today: the Dumbrella panel, 11:30am in room 3, to be moderated by yours truly. Also, we’ll crack open the web of intrigue that attempted — and failed! — to keep Sam Logan out of the US and away from the show. Could his longtime nemesis Jeph Jacques have been involved? Come back to find out.


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