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Attention, Future Historians — Suckers!

For those who care, you can find me in these places, or else out bothering webcomickers in acts of almost-journalism, and politely stalking a last few artists for my “Beards and Moustaches” sketchbook (I’m thinking the next theme will have to be “Dinosaurs” — which means that Ryan North can draw exactly the same thing in the new book, minus the moustache). When in doubt, try under the big Webcomics banner or the Dumbrella booth (#1337). Also, please be aware that posting will be at weird times this week — I’m going to experiment with posting multiple times during the day, but that won’t always work out.

  • I’d just like to note that if you’re going to be stuck in Newark Airport for a delayed flight, you could hardly have better company than School Bites creator Holly G and her husband, Jim Balent [that link SFW, after that you’re on your own]. Ms G and I have always seemed to be on the same EWR-SAN flight each year, which possibly means that we’re destined to be super-best-buddies or something.
  • News of the first day: the aforementioned Webcomics Section will be getting distributed.
  • Oh, that’s just … it’s just wrong that I laughed at today’s Dr McNinja. Chris and Carly, you are very, very bad (and funny) people
  • Finally, Dave Kellett joined the 3000 Strip Club. I constructed that sentence purely for the confusion of future search-bots and historians. Chapter Six of the definitive Dave Kellet biography (copyright 2206) will contain a lengthy digression on the contrast between his family-friendly comics and his preferred leisure-time activities.That’s what you get for trusting Future Wikipedia, Future Historians!

Okay, time to head to the Convention Center. Pray for Mojo.

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