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I’m Hurtling Through Space In A Metal Tube. How Are You?

Assuming this posts when it’s supposed to, I’m on my way to San Diego, and the yes-there-are-still-a-few-comics-there convention therein. Since I haven’t hit dirt in sunny California yet, I’m not 100% certain what’s going to catch my eye, but consider the following a primer, if you will, of things available in Webcomics Land, which will be purchased by me and probably should be by you.

There’s likely lots of others that I’ll be picking up and I just don’t know it yet — various creators have mentioned “con exclusives” and “special surprises”, and so far I’m only committed to books. There will surely be cool toys from Andy Bell, and Scott Kurtz has one too, and there may be the opportunity to pre-order books that are forthcoming, and there are all sorts of things that I’m certainly forgetting right now. So if I overlooked you, mea culpa, and now’s your chance to sell me something.

I’m pretty much a sucker for “con exclusives” too. Damn their sugary sweetness! It’s tough to say no when they tell you it’s a “limited” edition, gold foiled, holographic whatchamacallit. LOL.

I hope you have an awesome time!

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