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It’s A Fight! In … The … Park!

Whew, I think I’ve finally caught up with everything that should have run yesterday. Onwards to things that didn’t crop up over the weekend tomorrow.

  • Now available for your purchasing pleasure — Spacetrawler originals at the low, low price of $80, which is a damn bargain, especially considering that the originals are sepia-toned, not just black and white.
  • Still running in Portland: Trek in the Park 2; while waiting for Khaaaaaan!! to overact, please enjoy some fanart from the always-interesting Bill Mudron and Mike Russell
  • The good folks at the Cartoon Art Musuem wish to remind you that they will be at San Diego Comic Con, booth 1930 (Master List o’ Webcomickers amended to include this fact), and will be running the Fourth Annual CAM Sketch-a-thon Thursday, July 22 through Sunday, July 25, 2010. There’s a huge-ass list of highly skilled cartooners who will be taking part (including more than a few who make regular appearances on this page); for a $10 suggested donation, they will do their absolute best for YOU.
  • The Dallas Webcomics Expo is back for a second year of fun come August (God willin’ an the creek don’t rise), and this year they’re adding a charitable component. To benefit the Texas Scottish Rite Hosptial for Children and Bryan’s House, DWEX will be conducting an art auction, and all are welcome to contribute originals within the show guidelines (at least 8″ x 10″, nothing R-rated, pleased). Submission form here, [PDF], and they’d like to physically receive the art by the 12th of next month (or bring it with you if you’re attending).
  • Speaking of art auctions, as of time-of-writing, the Web-Comics Auction for the Gulf is sitting at a total of $3031.95, with a little less than two days to go on the first batch of art. Far be it from me to drive The Wedge of Envy between artists, but I am forced to note that at this time, Anthony Clark‘s contribution is currently out-pacing that of Christopher Hastings by fifteen dollars.

    Clark, of course, is the colorist of Dr McNinja, which sort of makes Hastings his boss. Will keeping these bid amounts where they are affect their working relationship? It could! It could destroy their sense of mutual respect and a beloved webcomic at the same time. Somebody better start a bidding war if Dr McNinja is to continue!

  • Below the cut is a list of SDCC programming sessions that may be of interest to those working (or seeking to) in webcomickry. Actually, everything tagged webcomics is available here, including some things that are only marginally related to Our Interests. What’s called out are sessions that either weren’t tagged as webcomics-related, or were and I wanted to make sure you saw them.


10:30-12:00 Room 30CDE Comic Book Law School 101: Start Your (Creative) Engines! Understanding copyright and trademark law. Note that this and the other CBLS sessions are not substitutes for talking to an actual lawyer.
Categories: Art and Illustration | Cartooning and Comic Strips | Comics | Comics Law School | Writers & Writing

11:30-12:30 Room 3 Dumbrella You get to bug Andy, Mer, Jon, Rich, and Chris about anything your Internet heart desires.

2:30-3:30 Room 8 The Sergio & Mark Show Pound for pound, nobody is more entertaining than Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier, with special guests Tom Luth and Stan Sakai.

5:30-6:30 Room 4 Indie Comics Marketing 101 Gotta get your work noticed, homes.

6:00-7:00 Hall H Universal: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Bryan Lee O’Malley, Edgar Wright, and most of the cast. Start lining up now.


10:30-11:30 Room 3 Nappy Hour Keith Knight & friends talking about African American creators making it in the comics biz. Includes Spike.

1:00-2:00 Room 6A Bloom County‘s Berkeley Breathed: The Secret Sex Tapes Anybody here that wasn’t influenced by Bloom County? Thought so.

2:00-3:00 Room 32 AB Comic Book Law School: Hot Topics Includes the benefits and perils of digital content distribution, termination of copyright grants, and updates on the Kirby and Superman termination cases.

3:30-4:30 Room 5AB Spotlight on Nicholas Gurewitch Gorilla suit optional, but recommended.

4:30-5:30 Room 3 Indy Comics Writers Unite! Independent comics writers, most of whom own their most famous works.

6:30-7:30 Room 9 Archaia: All Access This is where you’ll find Gunnerkrigg Court creator Tom Siddell


10:00-11:00 Room 3 Spotlight on Carla Speed McNeil Much like the Foglios, McNeil took a long-running indy comic to the web.

10:30-12:00 Room 30CDE Comic Book Law School 303: Oh, And Another Thing… Advanced issues facing the creative community, including infringements, misuse, tarnishment, dilution, knockoffs, lawsuits, satires, parodies, fair use, blogs, podcasts, tweets, and cybersquatters.

5:00-6:00 Room 8 Webcomics Lightning Round Kurtz, Khoo, Guigar; last year it was in a bar after midnight, this year you can be there.


2:00-3:00 Room 4 Keenspot 2010…in 3D! — The countdown to Bobby Crosby acting like, well, Bobby Crosby starts … now.

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