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Con Season, Woo

Lotta stuff coming up in the immediate future. Let’s dig in.

  • Waves of webcomickers are, even now, making their way toward ConnectiCon, including all the fine folks listed here. A pretty significant subset of them will be heading home after the weekend and then promptly u-turning their way cross-continent to San Diego in — urk — eleven days time. Before they do, though, keep an eye out for Super Art Fight, both in Hartford, and in SAF’s secret underground lair of Baltimore next weekend for SAF7.
  • Speaking of San Diego, they’ve not only got booth numbers now attached to the exhibitor list (highlights below the cut), but the schedule of events is going up, and it’s personalizable this year. I’m going to be playing around with this a bit this weekend — I’m particularly interested to see if it detects schedule conflicts and lets me know that the BONE panel probably runs over the start of the Dumbrella panel (which I usually get drafted to moderate).
  • Also: holy crap, TopatoCo got a new client, and it’s Jhonen freakin’ Vasquez.

Below the cut: as complete a list of webcomics-related folks as I could find. If there are any missing or incorrect entries (especially where people are sharing space), let me know. The small map previously posted fits into the big one here.

Webcomics Pavilion and Around

Booth 1228 — Halfpixel
Booth 1229 — Keenspot
Booth 1230 — Something*Positive, Two Lumps, and Striptease
Booth 1231 — TopatoCo
Booth 1232 — Cyanide & Happiness and SMBC
Booth 1234 — Tiny Kitten Teeth
Booth 1235 — PvP
Booth 1237 — Penny Arcade
Booth 1330 — Blank Label
Booth 1331 — Studio Foglio
Booth 1323 — :01 Books
Booth 1337 — Dumbrella
Booth 1435 — Blind Ferret
Booth 1714 — Doug TenNapel and AXE COP
Booth 1930 — Cartoon Art Musuem
Booth 2235 — Flight Comics
Booth 2300 — Unshelved
Booth 2302 — Big Head Press
Booth 2304 — Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken
Booth 2635 — Archaia; Tom Siddell of Gunnerkrigg Court will be here
Booth 3251 — Quantum Mechanix; Mohammad Haque of Applegeeks will be here
Booth 4207 — Monster Commute
Booth 5015 — Weregeek and Little Vampires

Artists Alley

Table HH-09 — Carla Speed McNeill

Small Press

Table K07 — Wayfarer’s Moon
Table K15 — Keith Knight
Table K16 — Bob the Angry Flower
Table L06 — Comics Bakery
Table M09 — Dylan Meconis & Erika Moen
Table N05 — Cleopatra In Space
Table O06 — Ben Costa
Table O10 — Cari Corene
Table O13 — nemu*nemu
Table P02 — Super Siblings Comics
Table P14 — Dirk Tiede and Shaenon Garrity
Table S13 —

It doesn’t show conflicts. But if you bring it into iCal it does show conflicts.

Thank you for compiling the list this year Gary – saves me a passel of work (though it’s fun work) at a time when I can use the break.

And see you there!

Weregeek and Little Vampires are at booth 5015, for those interested! :)

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Monster Commute will be at booth #4207, if you’d kindly add us to your list.

Thank you!

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Pirate Penguin Vs Ninja Chicken are gonna be at the Don’t Eat Any Bugs Booth, 2304

nemu*nemu will be there as well! We’re in small press in booth Table O-13!

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I’ll be there! Cleopatra in Space (as well as my older comic Cow & Buffalo)at Small Press table N-05.

Just as a heads up, Brion Foulke of Flipside and Jen Brazas of Mystic Revolution will be sharing table O1 in the Small Press section. Stop by for happy-fun-good-time! ^^

Gary, if you could fix the booth 1228 URL — it’s not “http://www.http//” but in fact “http://half.pixel//halfcom.http://:halfpixel/////comcom

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The artists of Lackadaisy, Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name and The Meek will all be at the 4DE booth, #2203!

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