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Kinder Climes

My faithful hound, even now, is sprawled across the A/C vent, hogging all the cold air for herself. Let’s think of other places with more temperate weather.

  • For example, the Gulf Coast, which surely can’t be this unpleasant, the roiling waves of petrodeath aside. We’re into day three of the Web-Comics Auction for the Gulf Coast, and as of this writing the various auctions have reached a total of $1654.51, with several heavy hitters still to be listed, and 12 days to go before it all wraps up.
  • One of those aforementioned heavy hitters? Brandon Bird. He’s part of a Law & Order-themed art show coming up at the end of the month (it largely coincides with San Diego Comic Con) called These Are Their Stories at Gallery Meltdown in LA, 24 – 30 July. I saw “part of”, in the sense that Bird is well known for this L&O themed work, and he’s pretty much the driving force behind this show and is contributing three of the nearly 50 pieces. Also part of TATS: Kate Beaton, Box Brown, Scott C, Carly Monardo, and Christopher Hastings.
  • Speaking of Scott C and LA, his Great Showdowns artblog will be releasing a new print set of great showdowns via Galleries 1988; this will be in conjunction with G1988’s annual Crazy 4 Cult show, which starts Friday. Not only will Scott C prints be available, but ten originals of the showdowns will also be up for grabs.
  • Speaking of San Diego (we were, couple items back), the first webcomics map for this year has dropped; one might be forgiven for thinking that webcomics at SDCC ’10 were all-Guigar all the time, but I’m sure we can fill in a few more of the numbers. Unfortunately, although the SDCC Exhibitor list is current as of today, it doesn’t yet feature booth numbers.

    Traditionally, space 1237 has been taken by Penny Arcade, 1330 by Blank Label and 1229 by Keenspot (which should make for an interesting neighborhood). 1231 was previously the Dayfree table, since acquired by TopatoCo, and 1337 (island, not shown) is where you can find Dumbrella. If you know of any other booth assignments with certainty, chime in.

Unshelved is in booth 2300.

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