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Long Weekend, Ho

Let’s get this thing done — I gots grillin’ to do this weekend.

  • Something I saw on Twitter last night that you might have missed:

    oops, I missed a few months when I transferred to the new site. I hit 3k two comics ago. Ah well, I’ll do a big strip for the 4,000th toon.

    Which, if my count is correct, would make this the 3000th update of The Devil’s Panties, complete with color. The list of webcomics long runners at the 3000 threshold appears to now number 12, and in a few weeks will hit 13. Well done Jennie Breeden, and (in three weeks) Dave Kellett.

  • We’ve mentioned a number of the Meredith Gran Octotour dates here, and we’ve missed mentioning a few. What looks to be one of the larger signings will kick off on Tuesday, 7 July at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn. The fun starts at 7:00pm, and Gran will be joined by R Stevens, Jon Rosenberg, and Chris Hastings signing their own offerings, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other webcomics luminaries drop in to say howdy. This is my local stop on Gran’s tour, and dammit, I can’t make it. Tuesday is EMS night, and if we get no calls I am gonna be pissed. Hear that, citizens? Get seriously sick and/or injured to justify my absence from this event.
  • Blast from the past: it’s got to be five years now since Scotty Arsenault’s Commander Kitty went on a temporary hiatus that became pretty permanent. Yesterday I got an email from Arsenault informing me that the hiatus was over, and CK is back. There was a lot of goofy fun in those strips way back when, and the reboot seems to be just as enjoyable. Whether you ever read about the intrepid spacefaring felines before or not, take a moment to check out the all-new Commander Kitty.
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