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Kid Violence Is The Best Violence

If everybody’s done Scott Pilgrimizing themselves, I have a few items that you may be interested in.

  • In addition to Bryan Lee O’Malley conquering the world of cinematic entertainment, there’s another comicky big-screen entertainment due in a week or so, and this one also has some webcomics connections. Your friend and mine, Dave Roman, was pretty intimately involved with Avatar during his stint with Nickelodeon and their self-named (and now sadly defunct) magazine.

    As such, Roman was a perfect choice to co-script (although not draw — he’s a busy guy) the movie adaptation manga/graphic novel/whatever you want to call it. It released yesterday, and Dave (with co-writer Alison Wilgus and artist Joon Choi) will be doing a small tour in the Greater New York City mediasphere.

    Weirdly, a couple of these appearances will be at Nordstrom stores in northern New Jersey — and Nordstrom doesn’t carry books, much less comics. But there will also be an appearance at Kinokuniya in Manhattan, which makes more sense and happens to be around the corner from my place of employment. The mall part of the tour takes place this weekend, and the Kinokuniya part on Friday, 2 July.

  • Due out today, Girl Genius Vol 9: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm, covering comics from January 2009 to last December. Shockingly, going through my own notes, I appear to have neglected to pre-order this one, and so must render Professors Foglio and Foglio their due with a purchase this afternoon; equally shocking, I appear to have missed ordering some other books that I should have, which means they won’t be showing up in my mailbox anytime soon, and I’ll be handing some cash money to some creators in San Diego.
  • Non-book related: the gang over at Snowflakes (still your best choice for wedgies, swirlies, CPR, and other Viking-related violence perpetrated by children, upon children) are running a contest. Simply print off one (or both) of two promo posters and place it someplace prominent (hint: Midtown Manhattan is covered with construction barriers with completely ineffectual POST NO BILLS warnings) and submit photo proof of your efforts. Best two entries (in the opinion of the judges) will win the original art from the posters and a signed color print.

You forgot to mention the other Dave Roman scripted Avatar book: Zuko’s Story, drawn by webcomics alum Nina Matsumoto, aka space coyote of Saturnalia.

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