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From The Department Of Clarifications And Corrections

In our pursuit of truth[iness] in all aspects of our webcomics reporting, we offer the following amendations and apologies.

  • In last Friday’s update, we at Fleen neglected to credit David Patton for the tip-off on STLwebcomics. We apologize for the oversight.
  • From last Thursday’s post, a recent comment by Agent-X requires some clarification — it was not my intention to express that Rebecca Clement’s Melburnian existence “at a remove” from her colleagues as a slight towards the Australian [web]comicking community. It was, as Agent-X later surmises, a comment on the working relationships that Clement has with numerous cartoonists overseas.

    As Agent-X points out, our modern world of social media and networking does make certain boundaries and distances shrink, but I do feel that there is a benefit to proximity. I have seen too many creators spurred to new heights by a weekend of adjacent tables at a convention (or by regularly inhabiting the same studio space) to think that a good broadband connection is an entirely viable substitute.

    For an example of how quickly a long-standing creative friendship can turn into a rapid-growth environment, witness the changes in Scott Kurtz‘s art in the few weeks he’s been living in Seattle and working in the same offices as Mike Krahulik. Proximity spurs friendly competition and artwork can change by leaps and bounds in such an environment, almost always for the better.

  • On behalf of Jon Rosenberg, a clarification — his new, eagerly awaited projects, Scenes From A Multiverse did launch today (actually, he broke his own embargo and launched yesterday) as scheduled, then promptly fell over after his site got wanged by Questionable Content.

    Having seen a pre-release version of SFAM, let me assure you that you will want to check back regularly to see how the repairs are coming along, as it’s both funny and contains a user-driven component that I believe you will enjoy.

    Correction to the Correction: Scenes From A Multiverse is again live.

  • Finally, Angela Melick wishes to apologize for the incredibly short notice, but Emergency Contest for Musicians and Video Editors! I am neither, otherwise I would surely be entering.

I know it’s the first day and everything, but it’s like Jon worked hard to make something that would be totally incomprehensible without the excuse of a ten-year archive.

Wait – they make comics outside of Australia?
How cute.

Andre, tomorrow is momma jokes, should me more up your alley.


I guess it just seems like, if you only have four panels, you shouldn’t use two panels actively confusing us.

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