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Rain, Please Hold Off For Forty Eight Hours Or So

Seriously, the yard needs work.

  • Obtained yesterday: Showcase Showdown. Short version: man, I’d forgotten half of this insanity, and I was there for the creation of some of it. Long form: come back next week, when we’ll look at the full Infinite Pendergast Cycle and muse on the wackiest trip through the space-time continuum yet.
  • I was pointed towards a couple of comics by Brian Huisman, but Space Base 8 is the one that grabbed me. There’s a highly-stylized look to the art that’s one part Muppets, one part 1960s swinging space-age bachelor pad, and one part Keef. There’s a bit less than 200 strips in the archive, and the quality of the art is remarkably consistent from the first strip (almost exactly a year ago) to the present day. Creator David Smith hit the ground running, and is doing a really nice job. Check ‘er out.
  • A while back, Latin Heartthrob Aaron Diaz metnioned that Dresden Codak would be running independent storylines — one featuring the Tokamak Twins, one featuring Rupert & Hubert and/or Tiny Carl Jung (my memory is imprecise on this point), and one featuring Kim Ross. He just launched the first strip of the latter arc, and it’s based around a premise so beautiful that my mere description can do it no justice. Lagies and genklefins: Dark Science, with a promise of part two next week.
  • Finally, Ryan North gets up close and personal with a nigh-omnipotent trickster. My envy knows no bounds.

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