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Obligatory Observation About Thursdays

Re: never getting the hang of same. Things for you to consider in the meantime

  • I’m about a week early on this, but the day itself will be a Saturday and I’ll probably forget between then and now; if my sums have worked out correctly, my evil twin will celebrate 10 years of uninterrupted, daily updates here-ish. Well done, Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary (assuming you don’t suffer catastrophic server failure, get hit on the head with a rock from outer space, or see the destruction of the world in the meantime — any of which might actually be in character with the strip in question).
  • The New Yorker isn’t the only magazine that sees comics from one of our tribe in the latest issue. Granted, Boating World isn’t known for its cartoons, but it does have a feature on TEEN BOAT in the May issue, to the undouted bemusement of co-creators Dave Roman and John Green.
  • I’ll admit it — even though I know that the contestants aren’t really randomly picked up off the street, and that the money they wave at the end is a prop, every time I hail a taxi in New York, I secretly hope that it’s the Cash Cab. Maybe it’s because watching that show, I have a higher incidence of shouting, Idiot! That money is rightfully mine! than even Jeopardy! provokes. So at the moment, I can’t quite decide whether I’m happy or offended that Abe and Preston got picked up by Ben Bailey instead of me; they better hope that they get the next two questions right, or Bailey’s gonna kick ’em out of the cab somewhere around 1996.
  • Lecture alert: Huw “Lem” Davies will be giving a talk on webcomics as part of a cultural festival in Leeds, England, UK, at Crash Records. The fun starts Saturday at 4:00pm local time, in the basement, and I’m told he’s got lots of awesome examples from tons (or “tonnes”, if you prefer) of creators. Those in middle England, check it out.

Before I even read the post, I greatly approve of your picture choice.

They DON’T randomly pick the contestants up?!

This shatters my entire reality.

I share your secret hope that NY taxis I get in are actually the cash cab!

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