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Jeff, You Magnificent Bastard

When you teased this, you didn’t tell us it was going to be this amazing. Cry havoc, and let loose the fanfic.

In other news that broke over the long weekend:

  • Our Kate continues to tear up the world of cartooning, with contributions accepted by The New Yorker, the first of which is due to hit the newstands today.
  • Recently received in the mail: Little Dee volume 4 (now that pre-orders are done, expect it to move to TopatoCo) and Recklessly Yours, the eighth and final Scary Go Round book. Both worth the wait, and your money, and both with quick notes attached — Little Dee will start re-running from the beginning next Monday, with director’s commentary; Scary Go Round strips that wouldn’t reproduce well in the book are presented as PDFs online, but you’ll have to buy the book to find out where, ’cause I ain’t tellin’.
  • Speaking of books, Jon Rosenberg’s Showcase Showdown has been in bookstores for a week, and hits local comic shops on Thursday (as soon as I grab my copy, expect a review of the full Infinite Pedergast Cycle); give it a read so you’re all up to speed for Rosenberg’s new venture, which has been mysteriously code-named SFAM. The mystery makes it a better value for your retina-humorgland intersection needs.
  • HeroesCon this weekend in North Carolina, and plenty of webcomickers in the Indy Island section of the floor, but heck — you knew that already. For those looking a little further out, Jamie Noguchi will be at SPX with a new minicomic about … well, it’s a secret for now. But I’ve had a peek and can assure you that anybody who enjoys cute cuddly things and/or tales of vicious revenge will enjoy … PANDOOM.

Thanks Gary! I’ll have more information up soonish. Still working out printing details and such.

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