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Things And Books, Books And Things

It’s just one of those days, you know? Pretty miscellaneous.

  • The next Erfworld volume is up for pre-order, and a break of two weeks or so to regroup before diving into the next section of story. I’ll give Rob Balder this — when he says “this story will be about 25 pages” and delivers “more than 30 comic pages and an equal number of text updates”, it’s hard to get annoyed that he might need some downtime.

    Also on the pre-order block: the newest Schlock Mercenary book from Howard Tayler (which I managed to spell correctly this time). As is usual, both books will feature signatures (and Tayler’s will included sketches) in return for the upfronting of cash, saving you potentially thousands of dollars to travel to a show that features the creators to get the same degree of personalization. Now don’t they look like bargains?

  • Back in the news as the movie approaches completion: Gene Yang on whitewashing in The Last Airbender, this time in comic form. Confession time: I never watched Avatar when it was on, and I generally dislike Shyamalan movies, so I’ve got no dog in this fight; but it surely does seem like Hollywood went out of their way to honor the Asian aspects of the original stories in every respect except the characters. Feel free to quibble over how this is true or not true in the comments.
  • Wait — did they just fly through the drive ring (00:14) when leaving the Denny’s? SCAD student Dave Taubert takes designs from Dave Kellett’s Drive and makes a little rendered fly-by movie out of it. I found the second half (showing some of the construction effort) to be as interesting as the first half; Taubert’s notes may be found here.
  • Emergency sale at Box Brown’s place! Okay, not an emergency, but very exciting nonetheless.
  • Finally, I’ve seen some papercraft models of various webcomics characters — Wigu Tinkle, Hawk, Truck-Ra (can’t find the model right now — anybody know where it is?), but after seeing these anime papercraft models, I’m starting to wonder what might be possible. Dan McNinja on fire? Cartilage Head? Fuschia and Baby Blue? Model Erika? Squatting Matthew Henson? The mind boggles.

Eh. I’m Asian, my wife (also Asian) is the big fan of The Last Airbender. We’re not too put off by the casting. As long as they get the personalities of the characters across, I’m fine. Besides, the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender was sort of global in scope, so while there are definitely Asian elements (like a universe where the Asian culture has conquered the world), it doesn’t mean that the characters themselves are necessarily Asian.

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