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New Endeavours

The Twitters have been kinda busy since yesterday, telling us of New Things To Come in webcomics. Let’s take a brief survey, shall we?

  • From Colleen AF Venable (of Puff in Brooklyn fame, and noted book designer of reknown):

    Ink to Pixels…one of which got all over my hand. Logo for “To Be Continued…”, the :01 Webcomics Group!

    Which only makes sense, given that the good folks of :01 Books are hosting some damn good webcomics. Putting them together with a collective identity is going to be a certain guarantor of quality.

  • From Jennie Breeden (hardest working woman in webcomics and nonstop convention-going machine):

    gotta get more pages ready for the upcoming new porn comic that I’m working on

    Said site, Filthy Figments (warning: porn, duh), isn’t live yet, but promises a variety of adult entertainments from female creators; the success of Oglaf (warning: more porn, and note to self: add Oglaf to the links) shows that there’s an audience that’s willing to have some naughty content, provided it’s not all up close and in your face (so to speak). I’m guessing there’s going to be equal parts story/plot/chuckles and naked people doing naked things at FF, so mark your calendars.

  • From Ryan Sohmer (webcomics impressario and budding multiindustry mogul):

    May I present a new project for comic books fans: Gutters.

    Just a single image so far, but it appears to be bringing the patented Sohmer/Lar DeSouza success formula to the world of superheroics. Having tapped into the world of Dudes and Warcraft, Comics Geeks would appear to be a highly complementary demographic cohort for our future northern ruler to add to his growing empire. All Hail, and pass the Red Bull.

  • From Jon Rosenberg (webcomics pioneer and currently ginning up a new project):

    my new @voxeldotnet server is being provisioned! i hope it doesn’t hurt.

    Rosenberg has stated that Goats should be back from hiatus prior to San Diego Comic Con, but this announcement gives some hope that a new (new!) project may debut even sooner. We, as always, remain cautiously optimistic.

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