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Looks Like Booksday

Word came down the pike — Achewood‘s long-awaiting second cookbook, after months of production delays, was finally imminent. I’ve been waiting since the latterly parts of 2009 for it to appear, and the appearance of an excerpted recipe in the Portland Mercury had whetted my appetitie (so to speak). Unfortunately, it’s just like the end of 2009 in that I can’t order the damn thing yet. Call me crazy, but if the item description page reads:

The long awaited follow-up cookbook is now available for pre-order! Order your copy now, and help us figure out how many to print so there are enough for all…

… then adding the book to my cart shouldn’t produce:

  • We’re sorry. That item is currently out of stock.

Somebody at Yahoo! stores does not get that “pre-order” means that it’s not in stock yet. If I complain, it’s only because I really, really want to give Chris Onstad my money, and nefarious individuals are apparently not on board with that plan; perhaps they were offended by his testicle cookery?

  • By contrast, the pre-orders for the next Schlock Mercenary tome are clearly explained and (I’m guessing) will not give me any grief when I click back there next week. It’s been a good long time since Mr Tayler released his last book, but he’s had a lot of hands on this one — all strips were recolored (Tayler would be the first to tell you that Travis Walton, his colorist, has a better eye for such things that Tayler himself), a bonus story involved the efforts of Dan Willis, Brandon Sanderson, and Dan Wells, and Greg Bear wrote the introduction.
  • Speaking of a good long time between books, it’s been (as of this writing) 2 years, 11 months, 358 days since Megatokyo‘s fifth book was released. I don’t have hard data to back this up, but I have to believe that Fred Gallagher’s very complex tale has a high incidence of wait for the book readers, and the long delay can’t be doing them any favors. Unfortunately, they may have a bit longer to wait.

    Book 6 was announced for release on 22 June, but in the past hour, news has broken that DC Comics will be shutting down the CMX Manga imprint as of 1 July. While that nominally gives a week’s breathing space to MT6, it doesn’t appear on a list of CMX titles to be released at the end of June. The DC statement says:

    The shuttering of the CMX line does not affect the best-selling series Megatokyo which will continue publication, now as a DC Comics title …

    … but is not specific if MT6 will release on time with the CMX trade dress, be released later in DC dress, or if the changes only affect reprints of existing volumes and (theoretical, given the update schedule) future volumes in the series. DC aren’t providing any more details at this time, so I guess we’ll all find out together in the next month or so. More on this as it develops.

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