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Busy Weekend

Let’s see, you had the usual reprobates hanging around a hotel ballroom in the Jersey burbs this weekend, news of a new signing, books and reviews, and some news you can use. Let’s take ’em one at a time.

  • The inaugural Wild Pig Con took place Saturday and Sunday in Springfield, NJ, in a hotel featuring an in-lobby Mexican place with $4.00 margaritas (yay) that didn’t open until 5:00pm (boo). At any random time you might have heard Randy Milholland being told that he was responsible for con-goers getting married, seen David Willis molesting Danielle Corsetto‘s booth decoration, observed Ross Nover hosting Super Art Fight! (to an audience chockfull of webcomickers), or watched old Spider-Man reruns. Not a bad use of five bucks, honestly.
  • Emergency last-minute signing! Seattle fans of Kellett, Kurtz, and Straub (which, weirdly, is not the name of a white-shoe law firm) should make their way over to The Comic Stop in Lynnwood round about dinnertime. Tell ’em I said Hey.
  • News broke over the weekend of a review in the New York Times of Raina Telgemeier‘s SMILE, and just as importantly, the USPS finally delivered my copy of Erika Moen‘s DAR! A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary Volume Two. In case I hadn’t talked enough about either book/webcomic previously, they’re both as good as I can possibly express.

    For two works so very different in tone (for the life of me, I cannot imagine Raina ever producing work that isn’t all-ages friendly, whereas Moen had jerky employees at a printing plant refuse to work on her book because of its adult content), they have something in common — an honest, clear-eyed look at the lives of the authors as they try to figure out who they are. Plus, one of them has enormous sex toys and mystery poop.

  • I’m assuming that by this time next week you’ll be able to go into any random Pearl art supply store, wave your hand and casually remark I’m a Webcomics Dot Com subscriber, and they’ll load you up with everything you need for a $5 co-pay. Okay, maybe not quite that far, but a nearly 40% discount on retracto-standing banners? If you were going to buy one of these guys anyway, taking out a membership at WDC means you’ll end up $50 ahead by the time it’s all said and done.

    Enjoy your purchase and savings in good conscience, as I’m sure Brad Guigar totally isn’t neglecting his family with all the time he must spend arranging these deals — if you hear his kids humming Harry Chapin songs, I’m sure that’s completely a coincidence.

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Was that link supposed to be or ? Because they are completely different websites.

Oooh, thanks for that catch, Volkai. All fixed.

Glad you liked the SAF show! We’ll be back in NJ / NYC for a full show soon enough. GUEST COMMENTATOR?

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