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When Rene Met Rasmus

Okay, so there’s something about launching a new webcomic with only one update — there’s little to hook me in, and make me want to come back for more. But on occasion, an established creator will “launch thin” and I know I’m signing up for the ride.

Rene Engström has been mentioned often on these pages for her work on (the now-completed) Anders Loves Maria, which all right-thinking people adore. Of less frequent mention were her diary comics, always funny, revealing, and enticing. A frequent subject of these comics has been her relationship with Rasmus Gran, fellow cartoonist, diarist, and single parent.

And now the two have decided to collaborate: So Far Apart isn’t one webcomic, in the sense that Engström and Gran aren’t one person; they have their separate lives and homes (a cursedly long distance from each other), and on Tuesdays they draw dairy comics about what happened to them. These are then presented as two halves of one whole, much in the sense that as much as the creators are separate, living, breathing beings, spending any time with them quickly reveals how incomplete they feel without the other.

The first comic went live last night — on 16 March, 2010 it was Gran’s turn to make the journey so they could spend time together, and given the vagaries of modern transit systems, it was a whole lot of boredeom wrapped up in hassle and a bit of panic. Engström had perhaps the easier day (despite having to work on taxes — and we know how she feels about taxes), but the waiting … the waiting.

So Far Apart earns an instant place on the blogroll; check it out and keep checking it out and learn what these two crazy kids are all about.

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