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Not that long ago, I described Elena “Yamino” Barbarich’s Sister Claire as relentlessly cute and just the right amount of blasphemous; to that I think we can describe it as merciful. Freshly returned from two site hackings, Yamino has decided not to become vengeful and yea, call down furious anger on those that perpetrated evil, but to spread a little joy about:

I decided I would try to organize my own charity project (as you can never have too many of those!) While trying to think of an original way for webcomic artists to earn money, I remembered a Sister Claire food contest I held back in December 2009. Every reader who sent in an entry received a postcard from Sister Claire herself.

The readers loved it, and it was so much fun writing personal messages in character! And so I thought, “Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if a ton of cool webcomic artists did this to raise money?” And thus, the Webcomic Charity was born.

Short form — participating creators design a custom postcard on a template, as well as contribute to a general design with all of their characters. People that donate a certain amount to the drive get the general postcard, but those that donate a higher amount get one of the limited cards written by the character.

I’m not playing favorites, but the thought of getting a postcard from Wonderella (sample imaginary text: Hey, thanks for giving money, you’re almost like a hero. I mean, crap, not like I’m a hero — I have a cape! — but as much as one of you people could manage. Now I sign this? Okay.) would be worth quite a bit in some quarters that happen to coincide with my house.

Anyway, the list of participants is growing rapidly, and the which charity? poll is trending towards Kiva right now (webcomics has a history there, after all), and all your questions are probably answered at the Webcomics Charity site.

In other news, a little behind Neil Patrick Harris and Prince, and ahead of Simon Cowell, Ricky Gervais, and James Cameron: Mike ‘new dad’ Krahulik and Jerry ‘also a dad, just not so new’ Holkins have been declared the 14th most influential artists in the world by Time magazine (or at least, by an online poll that Time ran, although it appears they’ve learned how to harden their software against ballot-stuffing, in that 4chan doesn’t seem to have had an effect this year). Well done guys, and next see if you can’t be more important than Sparkly Vampire Boy.

Hey there! Thanks for plugging me TWICE! (and don’t make a dirty joke about that! Yeesh!) You’re actually the first official review I ever had who LIKED my comic. XD It made me happy to finally read that a reviewer who got the humor in “Sister Claire.”

Also, thank you for spreading the word on the charity, I hope we can make a significant contribution. If it goes well, I hope to make it an annual event. =)

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