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Big Finishes

It’s been a couple weeks (or, if you prefer, a couple months) that I’ve been faced with a dilemma — very worthy webcomics like Anders Loves Maria and Little Dee have wrapped up for good, yet there they sit in the bloglist (and, on a personal note, in my browser’s bookmarks). I may have to create a second list of webcomics that are complete, but worth your attention. How do you deal with no longer updating (but beloved) sites?

  • Speaking of, Outside Infinity wrapped today after a brief but illuminating run. I doubt that Karl Schwarzschild actually met a snotty kid from the future, but damn if his maths on black holes ain’t pretty.
  • Today’s PvP guest strip is even better if you hum the soundtrack to West Side Story. Given Ryan Sohmer’s love of musical theatre, I figure that’s at least halfway to authorial intent.
  • Over at The Creatures In My Head, Andy Bell has shared some fascinating information on a project I was not previously familiar with:

    The Poster Cause Project produces posters and prints with the proceeds going to a number of reputable charities. They’re now offering screen prints, starting with my piece above!

    It is a 4 color 18?x24? print. (the dark grey you see there is a texture printed under the black, in case you are color counting), signed and numbered edition of 50, with 100% of the profits being donated to ACF/Action Against Hunger. Please help support a worthy cause, and get some nice art for yourself in the process!

    Well done, Mr Bell — I’m not sure if the good deed makes the screaming behind your eyes a little quieter for a brief respite from the madness scream scream skwaaaa, but here’s hoping.

  • Finally, today appears to be the comic shop street date for three (count ’em, three) pieces of young adult graphic fiction from the fine folks at :01 Books. Thanks to their generosity, I’ve had advance copies for weeks now, and can confidently state that Resistance, City of Spies, and Foiled will make good additions to the collections of the YA reader in your life.

    Two of them feature plucky girls learning to be heroic, two of them take place in World War II, two of them features main characters trying to make life make sense via their own drawings. There’s monsters, Tintinesque adventure, tragedy, evil to be confronted, and even a bit of swashbuckling. Put ’em together, and it’s practically The Princess Bride. Books designs by the frighteningly talented Colleen AF Venable.

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