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A Mystery

So there are hints in the aether, here and there, that the Webcomics Town Hall at C2E2 didn’t go entirely well (although the information I’ve been able to gather is at times contradictory). I wasn’t there, and haven’t seen a specific writeup on the issue; given the talent promised in the session listing, it should have been a case of point ’em at the question and stay out of their way = surefire success, but apparently not? If anybody who was in the audience would care to comment, please do so.

  • Success or failure of the panel aside, C2E2 appears to have been sufficiently lucrative for many to come back next year — although apparently there’s a confusion about whether or not the pricing of webcomics pavilion tables for next year because the sign-up sheet didn’t have a specific tickbox for that option. Reports are that the pavilion option does exist, although this far in advance, the specific layout of the space may not be known. If you were thinking about exhibiting there next year, a careful inquiry may be of benefit to you.
  • Also of note from C2E2: Carla Speed McNeil (who, like the Foglios before her, took her critical-darling print comic to the web, and took an Eisner for Best Webcomic in 2009 as a result), looks to be getting back into a fresh release schedule for her collections, having partnered up with Dark Horse.

    Lots of reporting of the announcement, but let’s go with Brigid Alverson’s writeup for Robot 6. This is awesome news, as I have already bought all the Finder volumes in print, and wish to give Ms McNeil money for the story that has only appeared (thus far) online. Hooray for me.

  • In news from the far (i.e.: the “no-fly zone”) side of the Atlantic, professional bastard and Internet Jesus Warren Ellis has declared it Webcomics Week, with the opportunity to pimp your webcomic to all and sundry:

    You do a webcomic? Tell me about it here. Not more than one or two images, please, or else the thread takes forever to load. Don’t forget the bloody link.

    Relax. There are only 8000 members of Whitechapel reading, plus god knows how many drop-ins who aren’t registered members.

    Let’s get a sense of who’s around and who’s doing what. Create me a big list.

    And tell your friends.

    NOTE: this is not for people to list their favourite webcomics. We’ve done that before. Boring.

    Go to it. And if you like this service (previously irregular, but which now promises to be monthly), do thank the Bearded One by looking over his wares, why don’t you? Mr Ellis has had a clever idea going for a while now — each week, a new t-shirt design goes up for sale for that week only, then disappearing from view forever. Until now, when all the previous weekly tees are making a one-week only return engagement. Want to be a Science Gangster, Space Bastard, or person without a functioning liver? Now’s your chance.

The webcomics panel at C2E2 was pretty entertaining but devoid of content. The moderator was annoying and didn’t seem to know what he was talking about.

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