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Having One Of Them Productive Days

Task after task getting its ass kicked by me, and actually a little reluctant to take a break and talk to y’all; nothing personal, I’m just on fire today.

  • So C2E2 kicks off tomorrow, and those of you in the greater Chicagoland area ought to drop by — Reed Exhibitions have put together a webcomics area on the show floor, and as this is the first iteration of this particular show, we want to thank them by making sure that particular location is crowded as all get-out. On this map, you’d be looking at the top center region, in the 860/960 block, up near the Tattoo Pavillion, then head left for the next couple of table blocks, and that’s all webcomics.

    Only thing I’m not sure about on this diagram is where the entrances are, but I think they’re both at the bottom and the right sides of the diagram. Before you get too attached to that corner, be sure to check out Artist Alley and booth 625, Haven Distributors, who’ll have some creators in their “Indy Island” (look for the palm trees!); AA is along the left-hand wall, and 625 is about as close to the center of the hall as you can get.

  • While you’re out there in Chicago, be sure to drop in on David Malki !TopatoCo booth and ask him about The Devastator (it helps if you read that in the voice of the late Jan Gabriel). Lasst week, Geoffrey Golden kickstarted the project (currently sitting about 52% funded):

    [A] brand-new book series, jam-stuffed with original satire and comics. Coming at you quarterly, it’s 48 full-color pages of awesome, created by upcoming and renowned writers and artists. Each book will wrestle a different pop-culture theme- Book #1 is all about cartoons!

    The reason you should ask Mr Malki ! is that he’s part of Book #1 (with a history of Inspector Gadget’s origins in the Victorian era), along with such luminaries as James Urbaniak (on voice acting for fun & profit) and R. Sikoryak (on Greek myth/the newspaper comics page). We’re seeing a lot more fairly high-profile comics … undertakings? projects? … getting spearheaded by people outside the comics industry, motivated solely by their love of the form.

    It’s an encouraging trend, particularly if it proves to be a meeting ground for independent creators and creatives from other industries. Golden? Writer and producer, with a foot in TV & videogame industries. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying that TV & videogame money is something that webcomics should be aspiring towards; I am saying the broader our little creative niche networks itself, the better for all involved. I’ll give you an example of my thinking: Matt Groening loved funny comics as a kid, didn’t see any on the shelves, created his own imprint, and doesn’t care if it makes money, so long as he gets funnybooks each month.

    Now, imagine if one or two of Bongo’s key people were to brush up against some of webcomics finest and start talking shop … there’s potential there, waiting to be explored. Anyway, if you see Malki !, ask him his take on The Devastator, and let’s see what Book #1 looks like in a few months.

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