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I Loves Me Some H Beam Piper

John Salzi reboots Little Fuzzy, and taps Jeff Zugale for the cover (which may or may not be used in the printed edition). Sure is pretty, though. Speaking as somebody who loves Piper’s work in general, and the Fuzzy books in particular, I dread seeing a reinterpretation, but will approach with an open mind.

Also speaking as somebody who loves Piper’s work in general, and the Fuzzy books in particular, I hope that Fuzzy Nation (even if it’s abominably awful, which given that it’s Scalzi writing, I doubt that it will be) is an enormous success, leading to somebody bringing Piper’s works back into widespread print. My copies of the Paratime stories fell apart years ago, as did my copy of The Cosmic Computer, and Uller Uprising‘s binding isn’t looking too good.

  • Speaking of books, you can get a 10% discount on Paul Taylor’s fourth Wapsi Square collection by typing the code SHOWERS in at checkout; this offer remains good through the month of April.
  • Eisner nominations are out (you can read ’em either at the site of Heidi Mac or The Spurge), and we have an answer to the perennial question as to what form the works cited for Best Digital Comic will take. This time, it appears that full-page-updates, long-form, ongoing stories (as opposed to a finished piece of a few dozen pages) are in favor, with Fleen Faves The Abominable Charles Christopher and Sin Titulo getting the nod alongside Bayou, The Guns of Shadow Valley, and Power Out. Congrats to nominees Karl Kerschl, Cameron “She’s Not My Sister, Dammit” Stewart, Jeremy Love, David Wachter & James Andrew Clark, and Nathan Schreiber.
  • Because every creator everywhere, everywhen needs to read it, that’s why — a story making the blog- and Twitter-rounds about being asked to contribute to a profit-making work “for the exposure”:

    The weird thing is, you’re the only one out of about 100 people we’ve contacted who’s made an issue out of this. Not the first to ask about money, but the first to make an issue out of it. I suspect people play along with us because they’re of Mind One, and as for Mind Two, they think the payoff will be in good karma.

    Anybody starts talking like that to you, run.

Anybody starts talking like that to you, run.

AFTER punching them.

It’s terrifying that people like the guy in that e-mail exchange exist. But then I start looking around and notice that they’re everywhere. I couldn’t agree more: Everybody should read this.

I also suggest Mark Evanier’s column on unfinanced entrepeneurs to everyone. Read it. After you’ve punched them in the face, of course.

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