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Things happening in anticipation of MoCCA, so let’s dip into the mailbag, shall we?

  • Following up on the news of the Shuster Award nominations a few weeks back, one of the nominees dropped a note to say hi. Attila Adorjany was the only Webcomics/Bandes Dessinées Web nominee whose work I wasn’t familiar with, and his email prompted me to fix that. Whew — Metaphysical Neuroma is a mindbender; for once, having a website that’s a bit slow to load is an advantage, since it gives you more time to absorb everything. Weirdly enough, the tone reminds me of Elan’ Rodger Trinidad’s God™¹, but with a completely different direction to the story and wholly different art. Like I said, weird.
  • Speaking of new works reminding me of older works — both in artwork and (to a degree) subject matter, the brand new The Broken Light by Sabin Calvert is Meconisesque … it’s set in a particular historical context (the times in and around the [American] Civil War), and it’s got a half-engraving, half-woodcut feel to the visuals. Only four pages so far, but I’m intrigued.
  • Various work show-debuting at the 69th Regiment Armory in three days, including Sam Costello’s Split Lip Volume 2, David McGuire’s 12 Labors of Gastrophobia, Box Brown’s Everything Dies, and David Malki !’s third Wondermark collection will make its first East Coast appearance. Maybe I can even pick up my long pre-ordered copy of the Tigerbuttah Golden-style Book and (if the printer gets its shit together) Templar 4? Maybe!

¹ Or, more fully, God™ © 2XX8 *** ***** ****** ******* Incorporated. All rights reserved. God and all related characters, titles, names and documents are trademarks of *** ***** ****** ******* Incorporated. No similarity between any of the names, characters, persons and/or institutions in this deity with those of any living or dead person or institutions is intended and any such similarity which may exist is purely coincidental.

Hey Gary,
I was looking at “Metaphysical Neuroma”. I could kind of sense what you mean. There’s a feeling similar to God(tm) yet everything is completely different. I’m not sure what it is.

But, as a webcomics reviewer, you now have a chance to coin a name for a webcomics genre! Or if nothing else, some adjective to describe what me and Attila are doing.

Because I’m not sure how to describe what I’m doing with God(tm) to the general public.

…and I noticed that there’s a list of webcomics on my right for a “good start”… I wonder how I could get on that list?

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