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Say The Word And I Appear

Today was the last installment of Little Dee; we’ve known this day was coming for months, but it still caught me by surprise. Ted, Blake, and Vachel were together for who knows how long before Dee came along nearly six years ago, but with Dee back home with her parents (we haven’t even seen her in the last 10 days), they’ve gone separate ways.

Vachel married Alida the elephant and Blake (gay-)married the stalker alligator; they’ve set up homes away from the cave. Ted, center of the strip, find himself alone in the cave and sets out for places and adventures unknown. Put the chairs up, turn out the lights, and take care. Oh, and be sure to check out Baldwin’s Spacetrawler, where stuff like this happens all the time; I think Vachel would fit right in.

  • O-kay! Let’s lighten up the mood a little, shall we? A couple of books that we’ve spoken of previously have news worth considering. Mercury, by Hope Larson, hits the street today, and Nothing Better vol 2 made it into Previews, which means it’s orderable by your favorite local comics shop. Give ’em some love.
  • Of the webcomickers I met in the past year, I think that Angela Melick is the one I feel the most … kinship? … with. Her sense of humor skews about the same way mine does, and she wears the ring, making us part of the same tribe (and she carries our banner proudly, sharing our culture with the world).

    And like all engineers, Melick knows that when something ain’t broke, sometimes the best thing you can do is break it, and put it back together different (and possibly better); thus, new website design. Please leave your bookmarks exactly as they are, since the address is the same.

  • And the word is: moustache!

If anyone knows how to spell moustache, it would be you. Apologies. :)

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