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Okay, it’s not BOAT!, but what is? There are some book pre-orders that you might want to take note of.

  • Little Dee is about to end (and you really must excuse me, as I appear to have somthing in my eye), and that means that the last Little Dee collection will shortly make it to press. Pre-orders on Little Dee Volume 4 are up, at the bargain price of $15 (+ $5 S/H to North America, $15 to the rest of the world), complete with Chris Baldwin’s autograph.
  • Erika Moen recently concluded DAR (but then stepping up to do a Penny Arcade guest strip, which wanged her site), which means it’s time for the last print collection of that hybrid of the personal and the public. DAR! A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary Volume Two (complete with tentacles!) contains the very earliest and very last strips from the webcomic, and is up for your pre-ordering pleasure for $15, or $20 with customization (plus the ubiquitous shipping and handling).
  • Last year at this time, Dylan Meconis was putting together the Bite Me! print collection; this year, it’s the first book of the companion story, Family Man. Chapters one and two are up for pre-order in a variety of packages, from book only, to book + additional swag, to book + swag + original artwork, to all of the above + a hand-tooled leather-bound copy of the book, all Bible-style. Prices start at $20 and go up from there (plus, yet again, shipping and/or handling).
  • No pre-order yet, but Scott C grabbed my interest this morning:

    I’m working on a zombie kids book. I forget if I mentioned it.

    I am so there, with or without a kid. Actually, screw the kids, they can’t have my copy.

  • Book-oriented, at the very least: the Hugo Awards recognize the very best in speculative fictions, and they continue to give respect to the webcomics community. Nominated for stories not yet collected in book form, both Girl Genius (Phil & Kaja Foglio) and Schlock Mercenary (Howard Tayler) have been honored in the category of Best Graphic Story (against some guys named “Gaiman” and “Willingham” … never heard of ’em).

    Given that the awards will be made at the World Science Fiction Convention (which this year will be in Melbourne), I expect that webcomics fans Down Under may have a rare chance to meet some creators on their home turf. Do you love Girl Genius and/or Schlock Mercenary? Drop a line to the appropriate person and let ’em know that since they’ll be on the right continent and all, a signing appearance would be awesome.

Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary fame has already announced that he will be travelling down under to attend the awards.

This is Howards second year being nominated. All respect to the other entries, I really hope the voters reward him for A) Being an independent B)Writing, drawing and coloring his work himself. (He has since hired a colorist, but for Longshoreman he was still doing it all himself.)

I’m sure he is planning some fan events (or is open to actual fans planning them.) His blog is linked from his site. If you want him to stop by while he’s there, drop him a post.

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