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Almost Quieter Today Than Yesterday

The train was mostly empty and the sidewalks are pretty sparsely populated — hooray for people takin’ the day to celebrate a holiday. On the other hand, the internets are a bit emptier than usual as well, so we’ll have to content ourselves with a relatively sedate posting. I trust that all of you are outside enjoying the nice weather right now and wouldn’t notice a short update anyway.

  • After yesterday’s Nedroidariffic episode of Dinosaur Comics (now reverted to its normal state), Ryan North (who bestrides webcomics like unto a colossus) has gifted us with the ability to bring back Reginald & Beartato. Behold: &butiwouldratherbereading=. By applying characters to a mask (look closely for the white parts … that’s where art can be added) and overlaying it on any comic in his archive, North can provide us with a near-inifite variety of different characters. Would you rather be reading Nedroid? Achewood? Wigu? Gotcha covered, Bunky. My favorite involves monologues from T-Rexkcd, particularly when discussing nerdery at which I have expertise. As an added bonus, the Unixkcd interface from yesterday now has a permanent home.
  • In other news, we at Fleen undoubtedly missed plenty of April Foolery (including the silent-in-the-Owly-sense update to Unshelved), and completely neglected to take proper notice of the conclusion of the first Bad Machinëry story arc. The rivalry in mystery solving between Boys and Girls takes on a touching aspect as Shauna and Jack appear to be far less en-rivalled than previously known. That look on Shauna’s face in the last panel, the effort that Jack has to go to in order to compliment her … John Allison has perfectly captured that moment when flirting first starts to vaguely seem like a good idea, but you’re not quite sure why. The next week of downtime prior to the start of the next story will be too long.
  • David Morgan-Mar (PhD, LEGO®™©etc is justly famous for his quiet, patient way with supplementary material over at Irregular Webcomic, and never have I seen so much as an angry word from his hand. Yet today he is a seething cauldron of primal rage/deathlust, but it’s directed at those responsible for Monopoly, so that’s all right. If you want to read a very good explanation for why you’ve always hated playing that friggin’ “game”, click away (and make sure you have the annotations turned on).
  • Upcoming: Wondercon is kicking off pretty much as we speak, MoCCA hits next weekend (curiously, no mention of press access ever showed up on their website, which was late to update … guess I’ll pay the $15), and the New York iteration of Drink & Draw Like A Lady hits next Friday evening in Chelsea. And best of all, it’s official: Webcomics Weekend (the famous original, accept-no-substitutes fun times) has announced for November 6 & 7. Details on the last forthcoming, and I’ll see you at at least two of those.
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