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It’s kinda quiet today; webcomics are normally full of dudes and ladies with opinions and words and everything, and today — quiet. In the wilds of Colorado, Boxhead breaks out the semaphore flags. In a San Francisco toy store, a pantomime takes place, exeunt lovers. In Anytown USA (although one that tends not to get snow — draw your own conclusions), taxes provoke silent desperation and release for one family, while workplace frustrations drive a man to the only place he can have peace and quiet (although it’s been pretty quiet for him all week).

Ninjas always strike silently (whether in the Great White North, or plummeting over Western Maryland), so I’m not sure that counts, but the noisiest two dudes geeking out over a unicorn in silence? That’s definitely weird (although they appear to have made up for it some 65,000,000 years in the past). A bit more recently (at least in geological terms), a man quietly plumbs the depths of filthy desires, and Jeph Jacques provides an unusually quiet episode of Magical Love Gentlemen — usually, it’s pretty shouty until all de plookin’ ‘n thrashin’ be done wif.

On the far end of the spectrum, Jess Fink’s Chester 5000 XYV has gotten loud, gender-swapped, and marginally less SFW than it normally is, but hey — eight page update. Latin Heartthrob Aaron Diaz has found that existentialist films can be made more quickly than the insanely detailed comics he normally does. Meanwhile, messers McGuire, Green, and Lesnick have joined forces to create comics that can never be read on an iPad even as xkcd goes old-school … hint: “xyzzy” does nothing.

April Foolery has a long history in webomics, but even today there’s some legit stuff happening:

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