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Knuckleheads Since Small Times

Work crisis, things are on fire (only half-metaphorically). Briefly:

A lot of my thoughts today have been about Philippe and how his possible departure. He’s always been an anchor of responsibility for the guys in his house and the source of hijinks ensuing whenever they fail in their duties to take care of him. What does this mean for the dynamic of Mr. Bear, Teodor, and Lyle? Even more sloth and filth, probably.

Also, I may think about Achewood too much.

I don’t think Phillippe is actually living. He’s going to visit his mother. That’s going to be great. Then he’s going to come back. He has lots of money now. He can afford it.

Leaving! I don’t think he’s living either, but that’s because he is a character in a comic strip.

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