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Changes In The Air. Also, Rain.

The world keeps turning, and with it changes cover the face of webcomics like unto a shattering storm across the face of the waters. Or something.

  • It’s the End Times for Little Dee, and if you think that sounds overly apocalyptic, keep in mind that this storyline has already seen the most evilly benign character ever get married, and two other characters get same-sex (although cross-species) married. I wonder what the scoop on the remaining weeks of the strip might be:

    Here’s the scoop. I Should have book#4 off to the printer by the end of this week. The last strip of Dee will run on Tuesday, April 6th. I will begin taking PRE-SALES starting on April 5th or 6th, at which time I should have an estimate of when the book will be back from the printer.

    That’s it. I’ve been waiting until i had solid information before posting anything. Oh, and my mom already asked for the final strip, so if you wanted it, no luck there. I’ve been considering doing a final print of some sort, maybe as a fundraiser to help pay for the book, I will keep you posted.

    Warm up your browsers, and be ready when that one hits in two weeks.

  • The First TopatoCoan Empire (that’s my new faction name in Civ IV) continues its growth apace, with the addition of Sister Claire. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s relentlessly cute and just the right amount of blasphemous, as one might expect from the tagline Pregnant nun, Holy Crap! Welcome to wacky times, Sister Claire creator Yamino! Also, you might want to check out the interview with KC Green at the TopatoCo main page — it’s a good ‘un.
  • Speaking of interviews, Hurricane Erika has a fun audio interview with Stumptown Trade Review, hereabouts. And speaking of Stumptown, the non-union British equivalent, the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing, kicks off this weekend in London-Towne; if anybody goes, tell John Allison I said “hi”.
  • Speaking of shows, as of this writing my wait for an acknowledgement (not even a room, just an acknowledgement) from the SDCC hotels is … 98 hours! Fearing the worst, I’ve been going through my spam filters, as perhaps it was misdirected (which never happened any previous year, but whatever), only to find the usual inducements for RREAL Rol*x w4tche$, and products to make [my] meat spear causing her moaning all nite. Unless Travel Providers are branching out into the world of black-market Canadian pharmacies, I don’t think I’ve missed their notice.

[…] that long ago, I described Elena “Yamino” Barbarich’s Sister Claire as relentlessly cute and just the right amount of blasphemous; to that I think we can describe it as merciful. Freshly returned from two site hackings, Yamino […]

[…] Sister Claire has a Kickstarter going to print the first eight chapters (or roughly 200 pages) of relentlessly cute and just the right amount of blasphemous webcomickry for your reading pleasure. I see that creator Elena Barbarich (or Yamino, if you […]

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