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Bluh — Not The Best Day

I had power when I went to bed (that would be of the electrical variety to my house, not any sort of personal authority or might), but it decided to go away in the night, leading to a screwed-up alarm and a day where I’m running to catch up. Only the prospect of pie left over from yesterday’s nerdery-slash-cooking can buoy me now. Well, that and a few other things:

In regards to Franco satire, I believe it is satire when they it is depicting a reality that hasn’t quite sunk in yet in Spain itself. I mean, its been almost 35 years since he died and the idea of pulling down statues of the man or even digging up the mass graves of his victims and giving them a proper burial are serious taboo subjects in Spain. Our version of the truth and the official Spanish version of the truth are two different things.

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