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You know who is more self-contrasting than anybody else in webcomickry? Josh Lesnick. On the one hand, he works mightily to keep the adult side of webcomics economically viable for creators (perhaps putting so much effort to the advantage of his associates that he neglects the success of his own works), struggling against things PayPal and credit-card processing policies that shy away from anything even vaguely hinting at naughty bits.

On the other hand, his loose, scribbly style is made for the absolutely cutest, most innocence-projecting images possible, without quite slipping over the line into diabetes-inducing treacle. Good samples of both sides of Lesnick’s work can be seen at Pink Snow Bunny [sometimes NSFW, but so very cute; also: moustaches].

And now, the full cute potential has been unleashed in tribute to his fellow creators. Ladies and gentlemen: Josh Lesnick presents Webcomic Pony Party. It’s mare-velous.¹

  • It took me eight “turns” to get through the latest Dresden Codak, with a couple of free rolls thrown in for good measure. I’m only now realizing that Latin Heart-throb Aaron Diaz may have meant me to use something other than a six-sided die. I’m pretty sure I have some other geometric solids around here somewhere.
  • One of the better webcomics to hit in the past year has been Odori Park; while it doesn’t feature axes or the cops that love them, it conveys a pretty strong sense of creator Chris Watkins’ life and experiences … heart, if you will. With a first anniversary coming up, Watkins has a call for guest strips out. Anybody interested, deadline is Monday.
  • Almost missed it: Weregeek‘s second book is up for pre-order until tomorrow, and if you’re going to be at EmCity, creator Alina Pete will be there with copies in hand. Lots of other creators there too, with lots of new and con-specific goodies. Those in the great Pacific Northwest, let us know how it goes.

¹ I’m so, so sorry.

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