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Better Today, Thanks For Asking

Know what sucks? Getting caught up at work after being sick and letting things slack for a day or two, on top of feeling like I spread my sickness to half my co-workers. Actually, a few of them have probably spread past sicknesses to me, so I guess it all works out in the end. Let’s get caught up together.

  • Remember K-9Lives, the short film née webcomic? Got some news on that front from creator Doug Wilson:

    K-9Lives: Episode2 has recently been released online to co-inside with the second book collection from the series entitled K-9Lives: Clue Clucks Clan. [Editorial aside: Ooog, not so sure about that title, Doug]

    This second animated episode of the adventures of a dog/cat conjoined odd couple follows the success of the first which played at festivals such as the Marbella International Film Festival where it was awarded runner up for best animation. Douglas will be attending Bristol Small Press Expo in May, and all items are available online through his website.

    [Wilson] is also writing and drawing a graphic novel, The Von Spleen Experiment.

  • Mixed media, indeed: Franklin Einspruch travels the country, and does a webcomic about the experience in the form of the poetic, verging on infinite canvas paintings known as The Moon Fell On Me. Oftentimes they’re about the journey (example: the prettiest anybody’s ever made the New Jersey Turnpike at I-70), and oftentimes it’s about food and/or foodstuffs. That was good enough for Public Radio Kitchen (an online space for public radio fans with a food passion, via WBUR in Boston) to have a chat with him on the subject of food and art. Neat stuff.
  • I’m assuming at this point, you all know about Anthony Clark, aka Nedroid, right? Colorist of Dr McNinja, creator of Beartato and Reginald, painter of robots and dinosaurs? He also does some awesome collaborations with Emmy Cicierega (usually on LiveJournal under the nom de plume of Laserpony Studios), and it’s Emmy I wanted to point you to. She’s doing awesome retro art of a lady named Doris, and you need to check them out. Doris: prim and proper, and aware of what the haps are. Somebody pay this woman many dollars to keep creating this stuff.
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