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Minus The Self-Loathing, Of Course

Neatest thing I came across over the weekend: a collection of various [web]comickers, what they actually look like, and how they draw themselves. There are a couple of notable absences, particularly my favorite — the always-jolly Jon Rosenberg and his somewhat angry avatar. Then again, you get the likes of Rene Engström, Hurricane Erika, James Kochalka, and Meredith Gran. The best real-person likenesses ever aren’t there, but that’s because I’m not a cartoonist, I just get drawn by them occasionally. Be sure to read through the comments for KC Green, the Penny Arcade guys, Mitch Clem, John Allison, and more!

  • Happy birthday wishes goin’ out today to Superosity (the strip, not creator Chris Crosby, which is eleven years old today) and Howard Tayler (the creator of Schlock Mercenary, not the strip, who’s 10 1/2, given that he was born on 29 February 1968 and the 29th hasn’t yet occurred eleven times since). Superosity has missed like one update out of 4000+, and as far as I know, Howard’s gotten up every day since he was born, which is a pretty amazing unbroken string of updates, matched only by every other early-middle-age dude out there (“Hi”). By the same token, happy 400th stripperversary to Twisted Musings, and sorry that you had to get mentioned the same day as Superosity, which makes everything else look new by comparison.
  • No new word on the latest Hot Topic situation, but it’s getting some pretty wide press — The Consumerist is now reporting on the Kawaii Not button case. Seriously, it’s time to hold their feet to the fire and demand better sourcing practices from these bozos. Feel free to let them know how much they suck.
  • Finally, a quick bookmark update for y’all — Dirk Tiede’s Paradigm Shift has just launched a new website, so if you’re in the habit of checking WebcomicsNation for it, you’ll want to follow the new link. Particularly if you want into on Tiede’s new book announcement this spring.

There’s an update at Kawaii Not on the button business – turns out that Hot Topic were innocent for once, and the problem was some miscommunication between Meghan Murphy and her licensing company. It’s sorted now, so the Hot Topic stuff is official and legit, and Murphy will get paid. :)

[…] those that didn’t see Tim Tylor’s comment in yesterday’s post, there’s an arguably happy ending to the Hot Topic/Kawaii Not […]

I just wanted to state for the record that I am a fan of having “Hurricane” as a pre-fix to my name.

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