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Yep, Slush

Note to self: Park cars at the street end of the long-ass driveway prior to snowstorms. Dumbass. Also, ow my back.

  • Box Brown‘s Everything Dies now up for ordering.
  • See this? It’s the Blank Label homepage. Once it had a more-than-passing resemblance to the main title screen of The Brady Bunch, with characters from nine different creators there. Then the Halfpixel guys left, and of late Paul Taylor wandered away, and now we find a general jumbling of the roster. Gone: Greg Dean and Howard Taylor. Still there: David Willis and Steve Troop Added: Spike and Kel McDonald.

    I’ve spoken to several of the principals, and they report that this shift in membership is just the way that their respective businesses have developed; no animosity reported, there won’t be throwdowns on the show floor at conventions. Picking up McDonald in the aftermath of the Keenquake seems logical, as does the addition of Spike (given that she’s been a member of Bomb Shelter, Love Shack, and as many as fourteen other collectives, some of which don’t exist yet).

    In fact, the only loser in all of this is me, as I no longer have one convenient page to read so many comics on. I now must click between multiple tabs and subscribe to multiple RSS feeds, which as any reasonable person know, is practically the same as living under a fascist dictatorship. Clicks! On tabs! This does not fit well with my busy lifestyle! Also, I fear change.¹

  • Update: Cheyenne Wright is much better than he was previously reported to be. In the words of Kaja Foglio:

    [I]t appears that what he has is some weird virus that only imitates the symptoms of congestive heart failure.

    So that’s definitely the good news of the good news/bad news pairing. The bad news would be the costs associated with finding out that Wright’s heart isn’t failing, toward which end the previously-mentioned fundraiser is still on.

  • Finally, KC Green threw us a massive update to the Anime Club saga today. How massive? How about 173 panels worth? No permalink yet, but dang that’s good stuff, and now’s the time to get caught up, because it promises in the last panel — To Be Concluded.

¹ Not really. Congratulations to all involved.

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